February 7, 2018

Bluehost problems - wrong content displayed

Attention - is this not the website you are expecting? We are a security research team located in Sydney, Australia. In the last few hours, we have received mounting reports that customers of Bluehost, the hosting company, see our content when their domain is accessed. We know of at least 5 domains that are affected in this way. We do not have anything to do with this curious thing. We investigated this issue and can confirm that it was happening even when our own web server was completely offline. Read more

January 22, 2018

We are scanning to look for malicious domains.

Dear colleague, you probably found this website because you saw activity on your network. Our team at the University of Sydney, Australia is doing an analysis of the current state of Internet security and deployment. Similar scans have been conducted several times by us and other researchers. The purpose of our work is purely scientific. Our current focus is on the detection of malicious domains. This is a large-scale scan, which we expect to last up to a week. Read more